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Our Classroom Courses

At the Online Learning Academy, we occasionally offer classroom courses, training sessions and seminars for our students. This video was filmed at one of our half-day sessions in Warrington, where we taught a number of business owners how to get the most from LinkedIn. To find out more about using LinkedIn, download our diploma course here.

I did the Freelance Writing for Business Diploma. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned a great amount. The course material will be an invaluable resource for my writing career. Thank you ever so much for your detailed feedback. This is very useful and I will take all points on board.
Richard James

Twitter for Business Marketing - Diploma Course

Do you want to go from Twitter novice to Twitter expert? Do you want your Twitter profile to pick up thousands of followers and receive regular engagements from each of your tweets? Do you want to get business from Twitter?

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Freelance Writing for Businesses Diploma Course

Are you looking to earn money writing from home? Maybe you’re looking at freelance writing as a way of bringing in a second income, or perhaps you have higher ambitions of writing full-time for a living.

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Darren was able to respond to specific questions in relation to how we each want to use LinkedIn. Content covered was fine – easy to follow and take on board. Even with the changes that had occurred since the handout course book was created! Took me back to my old IT trainer days!!! Would recommend to others, especially if they had not used LinkedIn for a while, as there are certainly some hidden elements that could be missed which are actually very useful!
Jo Legerton

How to Self Publish an eBook - Diploma Course

Have you always wanted to publish your own eBook, but you don’t know where to start? Our diploma course will take you through the whole process of publishing your eBook yourself, right through from formatting your book, choosing the best platforms on which to publish, setting a price and actually publishing your book. We’ll show you the different ways to publish your eBook, and explain each one in detail (including how you get paid) so you can decide what’s best for you. We’ll explain the difference between publishing a book for Kindle and for EPUB, and how you format your book accordingly.

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How to Master LinkedIn for Business Diploma Course

Do you know how to use LinkedIn on a regular basis to help your business? Do you have a strategy? Do you want to make new contacts, find the right people with whom to connect and turn your profile into the sort of polished profile that gets you noticed by the right people? Do you just want to get more from LinkedIn?

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Woman watchign a training course on her laptop with headphones

At the Online Learning Academy, we want to help you to improve your abilities in the area of online marketing. With the help and support of a team of experienced online tutors, you’ll discover exactly how you can find success online.

Our approach to learning

Whatever your goals are in life, we believe that anyone can develop their skills enough to meet their goals.

We focus not only on the nuts and bolts of our course skills, but also why it’s important. At every step of the way, you’ll receive support from our tutors and have a chance to test what you know before moving on. We believe you should learn at a rate that you’re comfortable with so you can work at your own pace.

Real world examples

Nothing helps you to learn like learning from a real-world situation. That’s why we make our courses as authentic as possible, using real-life examples wherever possible.

It’s not just about the reading

There’s much more to online distance learning courses than passively reading about your chosen subject. That’s why we include self-tests at the end of every module, offer tutor support and even regular face-to-face events so you can meet the tutors, network with fellow students and maybe even practice your skills.

Your course, your pace

At the Online Learning Academy, we won’t pressure you to complete your study within a set timeframe. You can learn at your own pace, taking the time to ensure you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned before moving on, and all the while receiving support from us.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to improve certain aspects of your online marketing, contact us to see how we can help you realise your ambition.

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