The best Twitter tips you’ll ever read

The best Twitter tips you’ll ever read

Here at the Online Learning Academy, we’re always sharing great tips on working for yourself, setting up your own business and marketing it. One of our favourite tools for doing this is Twitter, and we even have a diploma course on the microblogging site so you can become a master of it yourself.

On our blog, however, we’ve written several articles on getting the most from Twitter with some great free Twitter tips – so here’s a rundown of our favourites over the last 12 months.


How do I get followers on Twitter?

Increasing your Twitter followers is a must for a successful Twitter marketing campaign, and here we looked at five of the best ways to increase followers with Twitter. Each of these tips should be an essential part of your daily Twitter routine in order to be successful.


How to display Instagram photos on Twitter

This tip is a little-known gem, but a great tip nonetheless. If you’re also a user of Instagram, you’ll know that when you post photos, you can have them feed through to your Facebook profile or page in a nice format so others can see the pictures as well. Twitter, however, doesn’t display Instagram photos at all – it just displays a link to Instagram when you share them.

There is a workaround though, and this guide tells you exactly how to do it. It’s also free to do!


How to link your Facebook business page to Twitter

Linking Facebook to Twitter and vice versa is something most business owners want to do as it makes using social media a much easier task. This article talks you through doing just that, and even offers tips on whether or not you should.


How to add videos longer than 30 seconds to Twitter

This is the most popular article on our website, as it appears to be something lots of people want to do. By default, Twitter only allows you to upload videos that are 30 seconds long or shorter, but you may have seen some Twitter users are using longer videos. How do they do that? Well, this article tells you how. Once again, it’s free.


Should I pay Twitter users to promote my business?

There are lots of accounts on Twitter offering to promote your business for small sums of money, some as low as £5, but should you use them? Are they worth it? What can you expect for your money? We look at what really happens when you use them and give you the definitive answer.


Twenty tweetable Twitter tips

Our final article offers another twenty tips for using Twitter, with the bonus that each tip fits within the 140-character limit of a tweet. Read the tips, commit them to memory and even tweet them if you think they’ll help others.

If all of this great Twitter knowledge isn’t enough for you, we also have a Twitter diploma course available where you can learn even more about Twitter. The course costs £295 but, as a reader of our blog, we can offer the course for just £29 when you enter the discount code TWEET29 in the checkout.

Twitter for Business Marketing – Diploma Course

Do you want to go from Twitter novice to Twitter expert? Do you want your Twitter profile to pick up thousands of followers and receive regular engagements from each of your tweets? Do you want to get business from Twitter?

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