Can you really trace a fake Facebook profile?

How to trace a fake Facebook profile

Since writing an eBook on how to trace a fake Facebook profile, I’ve been watching, with interest, the comments online surrounding the eBook and the issues it tackles.

A thread sprung up recently in a Facebook group where someone needed help tracking down the person responsible for creating a fake Facebook profile. The fake profile was sending abusive messages, and the person who wanted to trace it didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. This drew others to the thread who had similar issues, and it also drew people who had their own ideas on how to solve the problem.

Then someone mentioned this eBook.

Questions cropped up. Questions such as ‘does it really work’ and ‘can’t you get the information online for free’. One person suggested there’s no point trying because they could be using a fake IP address. Another person suggested calling the police, but that idea was vetoed by others who said the police won’t know what to do. Someone else, who is also suffering the same problem, said she had enlisted the help of a hacker.

While this debate went on for some time, no actual solutions were presented. The idea of being able to find the information online for free, while a good suggestion, isn’t something that will work as anyone who knows how to do this doesn’t tend to advertise the fact.

The thread was eventually deleted by the OP (original poster), but not before I had screenshotted some of the messages.



Then, when they realised the eBook wasn’t a free download…


What all of this taught me was that there is a lot of misinformation flying around about how you trace a fake Facebook profile. Many people have their own ideas, but none of them lead to actual solutions. What this also taught me was that there are many, many people who really need to do it too.

To answer the questions, and to try to explain what can be done with the eBook, I recorded this short video. If you know of someone who has suffered at the hands of a fake Facebook profile, please share this video with them. We’d appreciate it, and we know they would too.

You can download our eBook, which tells you how to trace the person behind a fake profile, here. The eBook costs £29 (reduced from £79) but, by entering the discount code FBTRACE you can get the eBook today for just £9.99.

That’s a lot cheaper than paying a hacker, and a lot safer too.

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3 Comments on “Can you really trace a fake Facebook profile?”

  • Stephanie


    Will this “fake profile person” have to click some kind of link? They made the fake account to try to tarnish my relationship, their profile has no friends and says absolutely nothing so I’m not sure that they would click a random link sent to them as they would know it was from me. Please help! I will definitely purchase the e-book if I can find this person.

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