FREE Facebook Ads Online Training Session

Time to complete: 90 minutes
FREE Live Online Training – Tuesday January 18th – 6pm – 7:30pm GMT

Join our LIVE online training where you will learn to master Facebook Ads and increase your sales and leads without increasing your costs. Learn the secrets we use to get real results.

About this Event

What Will You Learn?

  • How to create targeted audiences that work
  • How to set up Facebook retargeting ads
  • How to write ad copy that gets results
  • How to avoid your Facebook Ads being disapproved
  • How to reduce the costs for your conversions (enquiries, leads and sales)

Who Is This Training For?

  • You want to run your own Facebook Ads & get RESULTS!
  • You want to get more business
  • You’ve tried Facebook Ads before and haven’t had much success
  • You’ve PAID someone else to run Facebook Ads for you and it hasn’t worked
  • You want to learn to master Facebook Ads for YOURSELF

Receive Our Free Facebook Ads Book

  • Join our free online training and you’ll receive a free digital copy of our Facebook Ads book ’33 EXPERT tips to get better results with your Facebook Ads’

You will be sent your registration details for the free training session once you have pressed the Register for Free button and entered your name and email address.

FREE Online Facebook Ads Training with Darren Jamieson

We talk you through setting up Facebook Ads and getting real results, using a process that is easy to follow, so you can increase your leads and reduce your ad spend.

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