FREE Taster Course: Enhancing Your Studies With Mindfulness

Time to complete: 3 hours
Pages: 21 | Words: 4,000

Course Details

Mindfulness helps you to become more aware of your feelings and thoughts, learn to recognise unconscious reactions and deal with them effectively in a beneficial way.

As we’ll see in this free short taster course, mindfulness can:

  • calm exam worries
  • focus your attention
  • increase how receptive you are to learning

This taster course is free, and in as little as a few hours you’ll learn mindfulness skills that will stay with you for life. Apply your skills to studying any of our courses and learn even more new skills to start a new business, promote an existing one, revise for an exam or just for the pleasure of study.

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Modules: 6


Module 1. What is Mindfulness?
Module 2. What are the benefits of mindfulness?
Module 3. Mindfulness and education
Module 4. Case Studies
Module 5. Exercises
Module 6. Conclusion and further practice
End of Course Self-Test

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