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Ever been in a situation where you’ve wondered where you went wrong trying to write for a website? Maybe you’ve heard ‘content is king’ and know blogs and articles are what you need to be doing, but you’ve no idea where to start. Perhaps you’ve spent hours of your life producing content for a blog, only to see it languish on page two or three of Google’s search results with no shares, comments or likes. Do you have a content plan or strategy?

At the Online Learning Academy, we take a no-nonsense approach to improving your abilities to write for your business. Whether you’re the business owner, or you’ve been tasked with looking after your company blog, with the help and support of a team of experienced online tutors and editors, you’ll discover exactly how you can find success writing for your business.

Our approach to learning

Whether you need to write a blog a day or just one a week, or produce content such as news and press releases for your business or employer, we believe that anyone can develop their skills enough to capture and keep an audience.

We focus not only on the nuts and bolts of writing, such as grammar, punctuation and news writing, but also why it’s important and how to use different writing styles to attract the right audience. At every step of the way, you’ll receive support from our tutors and have a chance to test what you know before moving on. We believe that you should learn at a rate that you’re comfortable with.

Real world examples

Nothing prepares you for writing like being placed in a real-world situation. That’s why we make Blogging for Beginners as authentic as possible, using real-world examples and giving you the opportunity to try out your own ideas.

It’s not just about the writing

There’s much more to writing articles online than haphazardly throwing together 300 words on your chosen subject. We’ll show you how you can optimise your writing to capture interest, and how to make sure that search engines expose you to a wider audience.

Who this course is for

This course is aimed primarily at business owners or those employed within a company and tasked with writing for the business. You don’t need to have your own website or blog in advance, but it will help if you have a business or service you’re looking to promote. If you’re looking to pick up freelance work then our course titled Freelance Writing for Businesses Diploma Course may be more useful. The two courses contain a lot of similar material, but are tailored slightly differently for the appropriate student.

Here’s what you can expect to learn during this course:

  • Build a picture of your audience
  • Develop a writing strategy
  • Understand what blogs search engines love
  • Learn to write in different styles
  • Evaluate how successful your online content is
  • Tips for outsourcing your content (if you choose to!)



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