How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account eBook

How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account

Time to complete: Variable
Pages: 40 | Words: 7,000

Now Updated for 2020!

Do you need to trace the identity of a fake Facebook account? Has a profile been set up to bully either yourself, or someone you care about? Would you like to know how to trace the IP address of the person who created the account, and find out details about them such as their name, address, email address and phone number? This eBook talks you through the process of doing just that, with step-by-step instructions – including how you track the fake account and capture details about who created it.

Real world examples

Thousands of people suffer from online bullying, also known as ‘cyber bullying’, and Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for this abuse. It is a very real concern and victims of cyber bullying can feel they have nowhere to turn, and no escape from the people tormenting them. This eBook features real examples of people who have suffered at the hands of cyber bullies, and it talks you through a real case where the identity of a cyber bully was unmasked – explaining how it was done and how you can also follow the same steps yourself.

Who this eBook is for

This eBook is aimed at people who want to find the identity of someone who has created a fake Facebook profile for the purposes of online bullying and harassment. Whether you are the person being harassed, or whether it is a friend or family member, this eBook will take you through the steps of gathering evidence and disclosing vital information about the identity of the person who has created the profile.

Here’s what you will learn from this eBook:

  • How to spot a fake Facebook profile
  • How to report a profile to Facebook
  • How to get a profile shut down
  • How to get the IP address of the person who created a fake profile
  • How to find out which ISP (internet service provider) they are using
  • How to find their geographic location
  • How to see if their email address or phone number is visible
  • How to organise and build your evidence
  • How to legally challenge a fake profile

The eBook explained

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