Why you don’t need to be spending thousands of pounds per year on your SEO


As any business owner who has employed a search engine optimisation firm will tell you, it can be very expensive. SEO (as it is otherwise known) is a time-consuming practice that involves keywords, tinkering with website code and writing lots of content. The whole process can take months (or even years) and, the whole time, you’re paying someone for their expert knowledge.

All of this might be unnecessary though, as I’m going to let you into a little secret. SEO is probably 10% technical work (involving code and such like) and 90% content. Most websites these days (most professionally built websites, I mean) are constructed in a way that there’s very little that can hinder them in the rankings. Sure, there are still websites that aren’t fit for purpose and will never achieve the rankings their owners are looking for – such as the free websites, or the ‘a few pound per month’ websites you see advertised on TV – but I’m sure you don’t have one of them. If you have a professionally built website, one that is responsive (which means it works well on mobiles) and has a blogging system included, then you should really just need the content to make it shine.

That’s what SEO really is all about. ‘Optimising’ your website for ‘search engines’ is about giving those search engines what they’re looking for, and that’s the content their users are searching for. Google is all about helping to find information quickly and easily. If your website has the information people are looking for, then Google will be happy to show your website when someone is looking for it. It sounds very simple, but that’s because it is. The best ranking websites tend to have the best information, with hundreds or thousands of pages of content. They’ll almost certainly have blogs.

The trick is writing this content.

Now, you could approach an SEO company to do this for you – and there are a number of great companies who can do this – or you can do it yourself. Many business owners will balk at this prospect as they’re not comfortable writing content, or they don’t have the time to do it themselves. It doesn’t have to be you though – you could have anyone in your business do it for you. Having someone spend 30 minutes per day a couple of times per week will produce a few blogs for your website each week, and that’s usually more than enough to set your website apart from your competitors. It’s also a lot cheaper than hiring an SEO company to do it for you.

The hard part is finding the ideas, knowing where to look, how to research, how to write, how to make it all sound interesting. That’s why we’ve put together our Business Blogging for Beginners Diploma Course. The course shows you exactly what you need to do to write content for your business website, to produce the sort of content that SEO companies charge thousands for. The course comes as a download, so you can pay for the course and complete it in your own time or have someone at your company do it instead. The course costs £295 but, as a reader of this blog, we’re able to offer the course for just £29 by using a discount code.

The discount code to use is BLOGGING and, when you enter that code in the checkout, you’ll get the course for £29.

Why spend money on SEO companies when you do it yourself?

Growing YOUR Business through Blogging Diploma Course

Ever been in a situation where you’ve wondered where you went wrong trying to write for a website? Maybe you’ve heard ‘content is king’ and know blogs and articles are what you need to be doing, but you’ve no idea where to start.

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