Eight writing tips for 2018

With just days of 2017 now remaining, perhaps you’re setting out some New Year’s resolutions for yourself, one of which might be to get more writing done. With the calendar changing from ‘7’ to ‘8’, we’ve set out eight pieces of advice that might get you scribbling during 2018.

1. Write on the move

How much time do you spend doing nothing, whether it’s waiting for buses, travelling on trains or waiting in for a delivery? Why not whip out your smartphone or notepad and use the time productively?

2. Buy some new equipment

A new set of pens, reference books or even a computer can encourage you to have a serious crack at writing.

3. Write even when you don’t feel like it

Writing is an exercise that becomes easier the more you do it.

4. Share your work

Be confident and proud of what you’ve written, but receptive to feedback.

5. Learn a new word every day

Good writers need to love words, and there are plenty of ‘word of the day’ websites and apps to keep you happy.

6. Try something new

Write in a style or tone of voice different to your usual. You might be surprised how easily you adapt to it.

7. Join a writers’ group

It’s a great way to share ideas, gain motivation and obtain constructive feedback.

8. Take a course

Among our courses, we have two excellent ones in writing, with support available from our staff at every stage.

Whatever your resolutions, the team at Online Learning Academy wishes you a happy, productive and free-flowing 2018!

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