Five ways to spruce up your online writing

Writing content for online sources may seem easy at first, but there are plenty of variables to consider such as the reader and the subject you’re writing about. This means it can be difficult to get the right information across in the right tone in the right manner.

Follow these five tried and tested writing tips to keep your content looking sleek and your audience engaged.

1. Keep it short

People may browse your webpage on their phones or other mobile devices. They are likely to be put off by huge reams of text which are not broken up into manageable paragraphs or lists.

2. Do the reverse pyramid

Explain what you want to say in broad terms and then drill down into more detail to make it easier for a reader to get what they want from your page before they move on.

3. Keep it simple

Avoid acronyms, business-speak, and jargon. Keep the language simple, and the sentences short.

4. Make it all killer and no filler

Do not frustrate your reader with fluffy distractions. Keep your content concise and on track. There is no need to waffle and make sentences longer than necessary, it takes away from your writing and will put the reader off.

5. Use images

Images draw the reader in, and can tell a story in an instant. Make sure you have permission to use the image that you select and make sure to tag it with written description for people using screen readers or other assistive technologies.

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