Get in the summer mood with a switch to Paleo

Summer is nearly here and what better excuse do you need to make a few small changes to your diet to get your body and your mind beach ready?

The paleo diet is fabulous for boosting your energy levels, great for your skin and hair, and helps you to build lean muscle, and to lose weight. Did you also know that the types of foods that are popular and in season in the summer make this the perfect season to kick-start your paleo habit?

Fab for outdoor dining!

Paleo is often known as the ‘caveman’ diet, so what could be more appropriate than cracking open that barbeque and grilling some paleo-friendly beef burgers, grilled salmon fillets or baby back ribs?

To keep cool in the hot weather, why not try making some home-made ice lollies using seasonal berries, cherries or citrus fruits. You could even put your feet up and relax with a watermelon mojito!

Ceviche – a cured fish dish – makes a summery and zingy salad, whilst slaw salads made of cabbage, apple, carrots or courgettes are completely paleo friendly and perfect to complement the barbeque.

The vibrant colours, variety of textures and flavours of seasonal fruits and veg cannot fail to bring a smile to your face (and a certain artistry to your plate).

It is important to approach paleo from a position of awareness. Check out our online Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course to get the most out of this lifestyle choice.

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