How blogging helps to promote your brand

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way for small brands to promote their business and to build an online presence. Blogs are effective when they are relevant, pithy, and helpful to the reader.

Using blogs as part of your marketing strategy can make a huge difference to how much traffic is generated to your website and how people interact with your brand. It is important to get it right though, or you risk creating a lot of content that people may not engage with well, or worse, that they do not read at all.

Follow these three tips to be sure of creating an effective and dynamic blog:

Say something useful

One of the best ways of using blogs is to present information about your product or service that is useful to your potential customer. If you produce bespoke greetings cards, consider blogging about design ideas. If you offer proofreading services for students, consider blogging your top tips for creating the perfect paragraph. When people search the web for advice about these topics, your blog could be the first place they go to.

Keep it short

With online content, people tend to scan information rather than read every word meticulously. A common suggestion is to aim for blog posts of no more than 400 words. Break up the information with bullet points and subheadings, and avoid technical jargon; make it something that is easy to read in a couple of minutes.

Keep it regular

Whether you blog once a month, once a week, or once a day, keep it up! The best way to sabotage your own blog is to let it run out of steam. Keep producing material at a pace that you can realistically manage. Fresh content is picked up more readily by search engines than old posts, so keep producing material to stay looking up to date.

If you want to know more about how blogging can work for your business, download our Business Blogging for Beginners Diploma Course today.

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