An ode to World Poetry Day

Poetry, as a form of writing
Is challenging, perilous, brave and exciting
But get it just right and it will be rewarding
And leave all your best friends in awe and applauding
Unless racked with jealously if they’re averse
To seeing the beauty of penning some verse
Yet there’s still time to view it all in the right way
Not least ‘cos today is World Poetry Day

Set up by the UN back in ’99
It teaches the merits of rhythm and rhyme
And reminds us that poetry has no parameters
‘Cept space on the page and iambic pentameter
The genre’s no bastion of the elite
You needn’t be Wordsworth, Bukowski or Keates
Just pick up a biro and give it a go
You may be surprised at how freely words flow

With poetry, whether it’s written or spoken
All of the rules are just there to be broken
Your rhyming and chiming can be mid-sentence
Some sibilant sounds give your scribblings real vengeance
And alliteration always is awesome
You may wish to rhyme in couplets or foursomes
Or you might have some lines that do not rhyme at all
As is the case for this one

A writer, a plumber, a butcher, a nurse
We’re all more than capable of oozing with verse
And everyone has some great poems within them
Most often, they just need to learn how to spin them
Read widely and keenly, and write when you can
And our excellent courses can give you a hand
In no time at all, you’ll be writing with gallantry
With the help of the great Online Learning Academy!

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