Perfect paleo picnic ideas for summer

As the warmer months approach, now is the perfect time to think about raising your picnic game with some paleo-friendly dishes.

The paleo diet is distinguished from other nutritional regimes because it focuses on natural and unprocessed lean food. Emphasis on lean meats, fish, vegetables and nuts ensures that it is a tasty choice for all palates. This summer, when heading out for some fun in the sun, why not try some of these fab ideas?

Pulled pork in spices

This is an easy one to prepare in advance. Simply marinate in your favourite herbs and spices and cook on a low heat in the oven for three hours until it is soft and tender.

Cucumber noodle salad

A perfect side dish. Spiralise some cucumbers. Mix these with gently toasted sesame seeds, hot chilli flakes and lemon juice for a crunchy contrast to the pork.

Chocolate cookies

Coconut oils and almond flours help to keep these sweet snacks on the right side of healthy. Peanut butter helps to achieve that soft and gooey texture.

Salads featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables such as avocados, grapefruits and berries, when accompanied by lean proteins such as chicken fillets or sardines, will make for a spread that everyone will enjoy.

If you want to learn more about how to turn your paleo diet into a business – by becoming a paleo nutritionist for instance – why not download our newly updated Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course?

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