Self-publishing made simple

From finding an agent to connecting with a publisher willing to print your work, the road to realising your dream of being an author isn’t always an easy one.  However, in our increasingly online world, self-publishing has never been simpler, offering a fast-track for writers who want to reach an audience with more immediacy.

Today, eBooks are often regarded as a more convenient and relaxing reading option, with texts downloadable onto a range of devices like iPads, Kindles and smartphones. These electronic alternatives are also less complicated to produce than more traditional tomes, making self-publishing a more accessible option. Here, we’ll look at some simple steps to make when writing your masterpiece.

Writing and editing an original manuscript

You may be writing a fictional novel, or a non-fiction volume on your specialist subject, but you must ensure that your idea is original before you start mapping out your book. Split up your story or topic into chapters and work out the best order to convey your information. Once completed, you will need to edit your text, or enlist the aid of a learned friend or an expert if this is within your budget.

Consider cover art and write a blurb

Many eBooks sell based on their cover, so it’s important to select eye-catching imagery. The blurb is a brief description of your work, which gives readers a tantalising taste of what’s in store without giving away any major plot points.

Self-publish and market your eBook

Once completed, you can self-publish your eBook via a range of available apps. You can then start marketing your work online through social media to encourage sales.

While these are the broad strokes, you can find more in-depth assistance with our “How to Self-Publish an eBook” diploma course. Explore what it offers today to deepen your understanding of how the market works, and get you on track to writing your bestseller.

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