FREE Facebook Ads Online Training Session

Time to complete: 90 minutes FREE Live Online Training – Tuesday January 18th – 6pm – 7:30pm GMT Join our LIVE online training where you will learn to master Facebook […]

Elite Facebook Money Marketing Course

Would you like to know EXACTLY how to grow your business on Facebook in a series of step-by-step videos? Here is what is included: Elite Facebook Money Marketing 13 videos […]

Canine Behaviour Training Course Diploma

Whether you’re a dog owner with a little puppy or have adopted an older dog, a key area for most dog owners is behavior training. Puppies need to learn the […]

Canine Nutrition Diploma Course

Whether you have a dog yourself or simply take an interest in them, one of the most important factors of caring for any animal is ensuring a nutritious and healthy […]

How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account

Do you need to trace the identity of a fake Facebook account? Has a profile been set up to bully either yourself, or someone you care about? Would you like […]

Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course

Would you like to learn more about the Paleo diet, and even become a Paleo nutritionist and devise eating plans for your clients? With this course, you can. Our Paleo […]

How to Self Publish an eBook – Diploma Course

Have you always wanted to publish your own eBook, but you don’t know where to start?

Our diploma course will take you through the whole process of publishing your eBook yourself, right through from formatting your book, choosing the best platforms on which to publish, setting a price and actually publishing your book. We’ll show you the different ways to publish your eBook, and explain each one in detail (including how you get paid) so you can decide what’s best for you. We’ll explain the difference between publishing a book for Kindle and for EPUB, and how you format your book accordingly.

Twitter for Business Marketing – Diploma Course

Do you want to go from Twitter novice to Twitter expert? Do you want your Twitter profile to pick up thousands of followers and receive regular engagements from each of your tweets? Do you want to get business from Twitter?

Freelance Writing for Businesses Diploma Course

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Are you looking to earn money writing from home? Maybe you’re looking at freelance writing as a way of bringing in a second income, or perhaps you have higher ambitions of writing full-time for a living.

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