Three Easter eggs – Paleo style

Chocolate indulgences over Easter are not typically associated with being paleo-friendly. People who follow a paleo style of eating, as you may know, eschew any sort of processed (or unprocessed) sugars, dairy and many types of fat. Tasty traditional Easter eggs tend to be high in all three of these.

Thankfully, for those who want to celebrate Easter in style, we have found paleo-friendly adjustments that you can make. Check out our recommendations below:

1. Devilled eggs with chives and bacon

These eggs are not just a throwback from the 1970s, they are tasty little morsels that are totally paleo friendly. Simply replace the traditional mayonnaise with lemon juice and mustard to turn hard boiled yolks into yellow puffs of joy. Top with crispy bacon and chives.

2. Pink devilled eggs

For a delightfully devilled dish perfect for the spring season, pickle hard boiled eggs in beetroot water to turn them into bright pink orbs. Offset by the bright yellow at the centre, they will put a smile on any paleo’s face.

3. Paleo Easter eggs

For those still craving a chocolatey hit, nothing can beat these little cocoa pearls at Easter. Use coconut cream and vanilla essence for texture and flavour. Set the mixture in the fridge. When hard, mould little egg shapes out of it. Dip into cocoa powder for a tasty seasonal treat that your body and your taste buds will thank you for.

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