Three essential tips for dog owners returning to work

The past several months have seen unprecedented disruptions to our daily routines, not least for those dog owners who have been working from home for months on end.

Your four-legged friend may have been delighted by your company over the past few months, enjoying the extra attention and all those lovely walks. However, if like many people you are now going back into your workplace more, your pooch may need to help to readjust to your old routine. These three tips can help make the transition easier.

1. Practice the old routine

Revert to your own daily schedule of sleeping, eating and going out. Show your pet that things are going back to ‘normal’.

Re-establish your pet’s old routine too. Feed her and walk her as you used to before. If she used to stay in cage while you were out, or behind a gate, you should reinstate that too to get her ready for your absence.

2. Connect with dog-friendly friends and neighbour

If you can find a friendly face to pop in and play with your dog, or even take him out for some exercise, this can help break up the day for your four-legged friend and keep them entertained.

3. Look out for signs of stress

If your pooch is whining or barking incessantly, or is destroying items in the house or having toileting accidents, these may be signs of stress. Take time to connect with your dog in these circumstances. A long walk before work or preparing your pet’s favourite breakfast can help to reassure your dog that you are there for them, even when you are out of sight.

If you want to learn more about how to help your pooch through challenging moments in their life, why not download our Canine Behaviour Training Course?

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