Three tips for keeping your pooch cool in summer

This month saw the hottest July day on record, and at times like this it’s normal to be concerned for the wellbeing of your four-legged friends. Dogs find it more difficult to cool down in the heat than do humans because they do not sweat and instead lose heat by panting. That means that if you are struggling in the heat, the chances are that they are too.

We all know never to leave a dog in a car in hot weather, even for a few minutes, but there are plenty of pro-active steps you can take to help your dog in the height of summer. Here are three favourites:

1. Early morning walks

Taking your dog for her walk in the early morning means that she can get the most out of a good run around. Exercising your dog before the day reaches its hottest period means that you avoid the risk of sunburn or of burnt paws on hot tarmac.

2. Ice, ice baby

Giving your dog frozen treats to cool down, and putting ice cubes in his water bowl helps your him stay chilled. Carrying a collapsible water bowl with you when you are out and about also helps keep your pooch hydrated. Look out for dog-friendly cafes and pubs, which often offer water and snacks for your pet.

3. Avoid long car journeys

If you have to take a long trip, invest in a sun shade and take a water bowl along. With regular breaks, your dog will have the chance to get a breath of fresh air, ensuring they arrive at their destination in top form.

The wellbeing of our pets is important and with these simple steps, you can help your pooch have a great summer, too. If you want to know more about canine care, why not download our Canine Behaviour Training Course Diploma?

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