Time on your hands? Why not learn some new dog-friendly skills?

The current period of near global lockdown means that many folks have been trying to find creative ways to fill their days.

Those with four-legged friends to keep them company in this period of isolation know how much of a godsend it is to have them about, not just for physical wellbeing – and being able to gambol about outside with them – but also for good mental health. Our pooches are especially important in a crisis; petting your dog is associated with lower stress levels and helps ease some forms of depression.

The lockdown means that you might be at home more than usual. Maybe you have more time to get hands-on with some of the more involved aspects of your pet’s life. A recent supermarket study showed that people are cooking more from scratch these days. Once you have filled the bellies of your human family, why not turn to making gourmet treats for your doggy?

Dogs love eating tasty handmade dog cookies made of carob and peanut butter, or for a more savoury touch, maybe a bacon and cheddar bite? To cool off in the spring sunshine, what could be tastier than a frozen yoghurt and watermelon lolly? Just be careful to get the right balance of salt and sugar to keep your pooch in top shape.

For more details about dog nutrition, why not download our Canine Nutrition Diploma Course? It provides the most up-to-date details about vitamins, weight management, and dog digestion.

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