Top SEO skills for small businesses

You‘ve spent all that time making sure your websites look amazing. Now you want to attract people to them.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an organic way to grow your small business. An alternative to pay per click (PPC), optimizing a search engine’s ability – and let’s face it, we are talking about Google here – to find your website, is a reliable way bring new customers to you. PPC relies on you bringing Google advertising revenue. Once you stop, so does the traffic. SEO is a free, interactive way to increase visitors to your website.

Google updates its algorithms frequently. This means that not only can it be hard to understand what it is about your site that Google is picking up or is missing, but it is also not necessarily a good use of your efforts. Instead, here are some ideas to think about in order to make your site more Google-friendly and to get onto that all-important first page.

Strategic sculpting

It is well recognized that web users have a limited attention span and do not want to spend minutes trawling through your site looking for what they need. Trim the fat! It’s better to have a few well-composed and informative pages that are easily picked up by algorithms than many that are not.

Keywords remain crucial

Tagging and keywording are still important. Using text tags, which will get your site picked up, is helpful, but think also about image content. Make sure you tag these in ways that enable an algorithm that cannot see your picture, to see your picture.

Sharing information

A blog describing your product or service, or giving information to prospective consumers, is a great way to increase visibility online. More and more now, consumers want to research a product before they invest in it. They want to learn about a service and to understand what they are looking for, before they make the leap. Developing these elements are all great ways to increase traffic to your website.

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