What is my dog trying to tell me? – Three quick tips

The lockdowns and restrictions of the past year have seen a meteoric rise in dog ownership across the country. In London, dog ownership increased by 84% in 2020. Maybe you are one of these happy new pooch owners, or maybe you have decades of doggy experience under your belt. Either way, you’ll already know that your four-legged friend uses a host of tools to communicate with you. Here are three subtle ones to look out for:


When humans yawn, it means we are bored or tired. When dogs yawn, they are telling us that they are stressed and want to be left alone. Dogs use yawning as a mechanism to calm down. If your dog is undergoing a stressful event, yawning at her to encourage her to yawn can help to soothe her nerves.


Dogs do not just lick their lips when they are thinking about food. They also do it to express that they are worried. It may be subtle, but look out for it in humans too, some of us have the same tick. If you see your dog licking his lips, he may be telling you he is unhappy.

Raised hackles

When the hair on a dog’s back is standing up, this means they are stimulated by something that has grabbed their attention, and not always in a bad way. It can indicate aggressiveness or upset, but it can also indicate that they are interested or excited by something new.

Learning how to read your dog’s body language will improve your relationship with them and is a mark of good dog ownership. Download our Canine Behaviour Training Course Diploma to learn more insider tips.

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