Why use memes to build your brand?

Everyone will be familiar with the concept of a meme on social media platforms, but what a meme does, how it can be used and what a meme means can often be a culturally specific, nuanced phenomenon.

A meme is a cultural artefact that is often used to communicate an idea, an opinion or a response to a recent event. Memes are usually funny, or at least intended to be. Memes are also esoteric, meaning understanding them can be difficult without understanding the initial image, concept or idea that supports the meme.

Though making memes comprehensible can be a fine balance that takes practice, memes are a fantastic way for brands to show that they are current, on trend and responsive to the world around them. They are eye-catching, and when they are clever or particularly amusing, they might be shared on social media, which increases the reach of a brand. It is for this reason that memes are popular tools in any online marketing strategy.

To make the perfect meme, the image, font and text content have to be just right. Online meme generators are available to help create these. If you are feeling creative, free design software also exists to help you create a bespoke meme for any occasion.

If you are looking for something dynamic, creating a GIF is also an engaging way to draw attention to your business online. If you want to find out more, why not download our Elite Facebook Money Marketing Course?

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