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Whether you’re a dog owner with a little puppy or have adopted an older dog, a key area for most dog owners is behavior training. Puppies need to learn the right habits from the start and older dogs often have habits we’d like them to modify and learn new behaviour.

As dog lovers and owners, we all want our dogs to live in a way that is mutually beneficial for canines and humans, but how much do we really understand why they behave the way they do? What can we do to identify causes of undesirable behaviour and modify them in a way that improves the lives we share with our dogs?

This course will help to guide you through the maze of canine behaviour in a way that allows you to start working with your dog straight away. It will also act as a great base of information if this is a career you wish to pursue.

Our approach to learning

Dogs are an important part of so many human’s lives. They teach children to love and to share, and enrich the lives of so many adults. This course aims to help humans and dogs to work together in the right way to help train your dog to live a better life alongside you and your fellow humans and to cope with new situation. Each module includes simple tips, exercises for practice, and an end of course assessment. The aim is to make learning enjoyable and give practical instruction you can put to good use right away. And remember, our tutors are here with advice and support should you need it and there’s no strict timeframe to stick to.


In simple step-by-step modules, this course will start with a brief history on the relationship of man and dog and take you through practical steps on different forms of training, recognising and understanding cues from your dog, as well as how to respond.

During the course, you will:

  • Discover the history of dog and man’s relationship
  • Learn how dogs use their senses and how this shapes their behaviour
  • Understand how the dog’s brain works and develops
  • Get to grips with canine emotion and how it differs from that of humans
  • Develop skills in recognising canine body language
  • Realise how dogs are affected by their environment
  • Investigate different forms of training and their pros and cons
  • Pick up commands and learn how and when they should be used



  • Introduction
  • What you will learn
  • How to use this Course



  1. Genetics and evolution of dogs
    • Dog and man
    • Canine genes
  2. Understanding dogs’ senses
    • Scent
    • Hearing
    • Sight
    • Touch
    • Taste
  3. The canine brain and its influence on early behaviour
    • Parts of the canine brain
      • How does a puppy’s brain develop?
      • After the first 12 weeks
      • The role of play
  4. Emotion and education
    • The dangers of dominance
    • What emotions do dogs feel?
  5. Body language and communication
    • Facial expressions
    • The tail
    • Noises
    • Stress
    • Calming signals
    • Dealing with a stressed dog
  6. How does environment affect dogs?
    • Behaviour towards other dogs
    • Behaviour towards humans
    • How to improve a dog’s environment
  7. Canine learning
    • Positive and negative reinforcement
    • Memory
  8. Discipline, aggression and training
    • Aversion training
    • Basic commands
  • Conclusion
  • Final Course Assessment

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