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Have you always wanted to publish your own eBook, but you don’t know where to start?

Our diploma course will take you through the whole process of publishing your eBook yourself, right through from formatting your book, choosing the best platforms on which to publish, setting a price and actually publishing your book. We’ll show you the different ways to publish your eBook, and explain each one in detail (including how you get paid) so you can decide what’s best for you. We’ll explain the difference between publishing a book for Kindle and for EPUB, and how you format your book accordingly.

How to Self Publish an eBook

At the Online Learning Academy, we offer our students full support with their courses via email and telephone. Should you need it, we can arrange a call to discuss parts of the course in detail, or you can receive email support from our tutors.

Our approach to learning

Our course will explain in easy to understand step-by-step instructions how you go about formatting your manuscript to be self-published. We explain the different tricks involved, and talk about the online tools you can use to make the process easier. Each module of the course comes complete with a self-test quiz at the end, so you can be sure you’ve understood all of the important points.

At the end of the course is an assessment for you to complete and return to the Online Learning Academy for marking whereupon, if successful, you’ll be awarded your diploma. More importantly, though, you’ll know how to self-publish your eBook!

Step-by-step examples and guides

This course will take you through every detail of self-publishing your eBook and allow you to make an informed decision on where you’d like to publish your book, and how you’d like to market your book.

You will:

  • Learn the difference between publishing for Kindle and EPUB
  • Learn about Digital Rights Management
  • Learn how to format your document for eBook publication
  • Learn how to validate your document ready for publication
  • Learn about online tools you can use to convert your document
  • Learn how to design your book’s cover
  • Learn about copyright and creative commons
  • Learn about WhisperSync
  • Learn where to sell your eBook, and about affiliate schemes
  • Learn about price, categories and ISBN
  • Learn how to market your book with a check list
  • Learn how to distribute your book
  • Learn about library distribution



  • Introduction
  • How to use this Course
  1. A history of e-Readers, formats and DRM
    • Introduction
    • What are eBooks, and how did they come to be?
    • The Amazon Kindle – a game changer
    • Smartphones and tablets
    • Personal computers
    • What format should I use for my eBook?
    • Summary
    • Enhanced eBooks – are they right for you?
    • Digital Rights Management: Should you use it?
    • Summary
    • MODULE 1 Quiz
  2. A Primer on copyright
    • Introduction
    • Copyright and the protection of your work
    • What if you have an existing publishing contract?
    • Common terms of a distribution agreement
    • Taking advantage of free content with Creative Commons
    • Six CC licence types
    • Summary
    • MODULE 2 Quiz
  3. Preparing Your Manuscript
    • Introduction
    • Readying your manuscript for conversion to eBook
    • Markup
      • What formats should you use?
      • Applying a markup style to your manuscript
    • The basic markup process
    • Mathematical formulas and tables
    • What dimensions should my cover be?
    • What should I include on my cover?
    • Preparing your manuscript for conversion
    • Marking up your manuscript
    • Summary
    • MODULE 3 Quiz
  4. Producing and converting your eBook
    • Introduction
    • Considerations for eBook design
    • What is usability?
    • What if I want to convert my physical book to an eBook?
    • Who should I contact?
    • Why you should hire a designer for your eBook
    • Why you shouldn’t hire a designer for your eBook
    • eBook conversion apps
    • Online eBook tools
    • Testing your eBook to ensure quality
    • Summary
    • MODULE 4 Quiz
  5. Distributing your eBook
    • Introduction
    • Where are eBooks sold?
    • What’s an affiliate program?
    • How does digital distribution work?
    • White label service providers
    • Small press distribution
    • Reasons why you may want to be your own distributor
    • The challenges of dealing with eBooksellers directly
    • Pointers for setting up your own affiliate program
    • Library distribution
    • Marketing your eBook – a checklist
    • What is metadata?
    • Important notes about price, category and ISBN
    • Summary
    • MODULE 5 Quiz
  • Quiz Answers
    • MODULE 1: Answers
    • MODULE 2: Answers
    • MODULE 3 Answers
    • MODULE 4 Answers
    • MODULE 5 Answers
  • Final Course Assessment

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