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You’re on Twitter, but how do you make it work for you?

Do you want to go from Twitter novice to Twitter expert? Do you want your Twitter profile to pick up thousands of followers and receive regular engagements from each of your tweets? Do you want to get business from Twitter?

Here at the Online Learning Academy we pride ourselves on the support we offer our students with their Twitter skills. Our experienced tutors are on hand to guide you through every module and help you with you with your Twitter account, from choosing a username and setting up your account for the first time, to running promoted tweets and growing your followers.

Our approach to learning

Whether you’ve been on Twitter since its launch in 2009, or if you’ve not even sent your first tweet, our Twitter for Business Marketing Diploma will teach you valuable skills to make more of Twitter for your business, increase your followers, engage more people and generate leads. Our team of tutors is available to offer advice and friendly support as you work through this course, its exercises and the final end of course assessment.

Step-by-step examples and guides

This Twitter course will show you everything you need to know about making a success of Twitter, and will offer step-by-step instructions on maximising your Twitter profile and increasing business.

You will:

  • Learn how to set up your Twitter profile
  • Learn how to connect your Twitter to other Social Networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Learn how to connect your Twitter profile to your website
  • Pick up some valuable tips on hashtags, how to use them and when not to use them
  • Learn how to increase your followers with a variety of different techniques
  • Learn how to engage your followers, and to write engaging tweets
  • Develop lead generation strategies
  • Learn how to use Twitter advertising
  • Learn about TweetDeck and automating Twitter
  • Learn how to use Klout and how to increase your influence
  • Learn how to use Twitter Analytics
  • Learn tips for using the Twitter App


  • Introduction
    • What is Twitter?
    • Why is Twitter so important?
  • How to use this Course


  1. Twitter Basics
    • What’s in a name?
    • Choosing a profile pic
    • Creating a profile
    • Your profile summary
    • Your first tweet
    • Following other users
    • Some important settings
    • Connecting Twitter to other Social Networks
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
    • Rules – what you can and can’t do on Twitter
    • MODULE 1 Exercise
  2. Interacting with others
    • Notifications
    • Replying to a tweet
    • Sending a Direct Message
    • Hashtags
    • When hashtags go wrong…
    • Parody accounts
    • MODULE 2 Exercise
  3. Increase your followers
    • Engaging with followers
    • Crafting content
    • Running a competition on Twitter
    • Motivational quotes
    • Rules of engagement
    • Shortcuts to increasing followers
      • Pay for them
      • #TeamFollowBack
      • Follower Harvesting
    • MODULE 3 Exercise
  4. Techniques for lead generation
    • Searching for potential customers
    • Using Twitter Cards
    • Strategies for Twitter Cards
    • The power of retweets
    • Why are links important in retweets?
    • Strategies for generating retweets
    • Tweet links
    • Using the Twitter widget for your website
    • Using paid Twitter accounts
    • MODULE 4 Exercise
  5. Twitter Ads
    • Step 1 – Choose between a Promoted Account and a Promoted Tweet
    • Step 2 – Select your target
    • MODULE 5 Exercise
  6. TweetDeck/Automating Twitter
    • Setting up TweetDeck
    • The basics
    • Scheduling a tweet
    • MODULE 6 Exercise
  7. Using Klout for Twitter
    • What is Klout?
    • Before you sign up
    • Sign up for an account
    • Adding other social networks
    • Measuring your impact
    • Sharing content to Twitter from Klout
    • How to increase your Klout Score
    • MODULE 7 Exercise
  8. Twitter Analytics
    • The Dashboard
    • Tips for Twitter Card analytics
    • MODULE 8 Exercise
  9. Twitter App
    • The main screen
    • Composing a Tweet
    • Uploading a picture or video
    • Find People
    • Searching Twitter
    • Notifications
    • Direct Messages
    • The Me screen
    • Accounts
    • Edit Profile
    • Tracking your analytics using the app
    • MODULE 9 Exercise
  10. Managing your daily Twitter workflow
    • Why do I need a Twitter workflow?
    • The components of a workflow
    • An example of a Twitter workflow
    • A word about Twitter lists
      • Ideas for Lists
    • Third party tools for Twitter productivity
    • Twitter and WordPress
    • Tracking Twitter with Google analytics
      • Step 1 – Create your Twitter objectives and website goals
      • Step 2 – Sign up for Analytics
      • Step 3 – Set up your tracking code
      • Step 4 – Set up your Google Analytics Goals
      • Step 4 – Understanding your reports
      • Step 5 – Data reports
    • MODULE 10 Exercise
  • Conclusion
  • End of Diploma Course Assessment


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