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Three tips to beat writer’s block

Whether writing essays for the end of term at school, penning your memoirs, or piecing together the next Booker prize-winning novel, if writer’s block strikes, it can be very difficult to shake.

Writer’s block is commonly thought to be caused by the stress and pressure of trying to create an original, entertaining or moving piece of work. If writing is your job (or you want it to be) it can become very debilitating indeed, but some of these proven techniques might help you beat it.

1. Take a break

Do some yoga, go for a walk, brew some coffee, go and look at the plants in your garden, make some bread: move a different part of your body and your brain to ‘reset’ your ideas. A break can leave you feeling refreshed and can help you to approach your writing from a different perspective.

2. Write with friends

The life of a writer can be lonely, but writing does not have to be a solitary activity. If you are having trouble putting words on the page, get together with friends – whether they are working on the same sort of thing as you or not – and keep each other company while you write. Talk about your writing, including your writer’s block. The companionship of lots of other productive fingers tapping on their keyboards is sometimes enough to get you back on track too.

3. ‘Just write’

And finally, (you know it already) the best way to beat writers block is simply to write. If the blinking cursor on the blank screen seems too accusatory, why not go old school and use pen and paper? Sometimes heading to a nearby café to put your ideas down on paper, away from screens, distractions and the very familiar can be a good way to re-centre yourself. You do not have to commit to what you have written: 100 mediocre words are better than zero good ones. Get back in the groove and your creative juices will start flowing.

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