Five tips to keep pooches cool in summer

As the summer months roll on and the mercury in the thermometer starts to rise, it is even more important than usual to make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable in the heat.

Naturally, dogs still need to exercise, even on hot days. Take them out early in the morning or in the evening to ensure that the ground is not too hot for their paws and that they do not get sunburnt. It is also common sense never to leave a dog in a car in this heat, even with the window slightly open, since the interior of cars can quickly reach close to 50°C in hot weather.

Beyond these measures, here are five of our favourite tips for keeping your pooch cool in the heat.

1. Use ice cubes in your pooch’s water bowl or give them some ice to chew on

2. Groom your pup regularly to remove any excess hair

3. Give your dog a damp towel upon which to lie, or use an icepack to create a cool resting space for them

4. If your pet must leave the house in the heat of the day, ensure that pet-friendly sun lotion is used on any exposed parts of their bodies

5. Use a paddling pool in the shade to give them a place to play and to cool off

Looking after our four-legged friends is even more pressing in hot weather where, just like humans, dogs can suffer heat stroke, leading to serious illness or even death, so it is important to keep an eye on them.

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