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How can LinkedIn help you get the graduate job you want?

At this time of year, students across the country are awaiting their graduation ceremonies with impatience. But once you have got that all-important certificate, how are you going to take the next step to acquiring your dream graduate job?

Recent studies suggest that 73% of all recruitment happens on social media, and 79% of that is conducted through LinkedIn. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has become the one-stop-shop for recruitment professionals looking for the next rising star to fill their vacancies. That is why it ought to be a valuable tool in your job-searching tool-box.

Professional content

Get a good quality photo on your profile. A nice, clear photo of you looking approachable and professional is proven to get your profile more attention. Then, fill your profile with information relevant to your job search. If you do not have much on your CV at the moment, remember to add any volunteering, part-time work, and positions of responsibility that you have held during your time at university, in addition to your qualifications.

Do your research

What kind of job do you want? Research the companies or organisations that you want to work for and the key players who work there. Present information in your profile which might be of interest to them.

Keep your information up to date, and keep on top of what companies who interest you are doing. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of your personal style into your profile, so recruiters who come across it can get a sense of what you are about, as well as what you are looking for.

Follow the right people

As a social networking site, LinkedIn takes the networking that would once have been done face-to-face, online. Follow the companies that interest you, join groups relevant to your industry, and connect with other alumni from your university. The various functionalities of LinkedIn offer a number of ways into different industries, so make the most of them!

If you think you want to get a better grip on how to use LinkedIn for your graduate job search, why not download our How to Master LinkedIn for Business course?


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