How to get started as a self-published author

Today, eBooks are an increasingly popular format for readers to enjoy new titles. Entirely digital, they can be viewed on iPads, smartphones and other personal devices, often at a lower cost than a traditional tome. While this new way of producing books has benefits for readers, it also makes life easier for authors seeking to self-publish.

Writers who publish their own eBooks can enjoy more of the profits when they make a sale, but certain skills must be mastered, and stages must be completed before you can reap the rewards. Read on for how to get cracking.

Produce a manuscript

Your first challenge is to write your opus. Select your story and genre and keep writing until you reach the final page. Next, you must edit your text, ensure it is easy to read and clear to understand. When you’re ready, you can move on to the next step

Design your cover

Selling a book via an online platform requires an eye-catching cover. Create a cover image that attracts attention while summing up what your book is about.


With your novel complete, you can publish it and become an author in your own right.

Start marketing and selling your work

Multiple online platforms are available for selling eBooks. Find the best option for you and start advertising to others. You can use online ads, blogs and social media, or even create a website to launch your first book.

While these are the basic steps involved, to gain a more in-depth understanding, try our diploma course “How to Self-Publish an eBook” today.

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