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Is it time to renew your business strategy through blogging?

The current lockdown crisis has seen many businesses – small and large – take a serious hit over the past few months. Some businesses that predominantly operated face to face have taken to working online via social media, while others might be looking at new ways to drum up custom from their existing online presence.

Renewing the way that blogs can be used for business is one way in which to do this. Blog pages function usefully in a number of ways.

Blogs content is usually free to create if you enjoy writing. They should be targeted at an issue related to your business and a problem you can help your customers to solve, like a recipe idea from a local restaurant, or advice about how to check the oil in a car from a garage. By offering advice that potential customers value, you create a positive impression, and can position your business as a potential problem solver for that customer in the future.

Regular, informative blogs using solid keyword, which maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, help to position a business highly on search engine results. Increasing the number of blogs increases the number of indexed pages a search engine might find.

Importantly, when creating a blog post for a business, remember to include a call to action. Perhaps encourage a user to register for special offers, visit other parts of the website, or use more of your services.

If you want to learn more about the array of ways blogging can revitalise a marketing strategy, you could download our Freelance Writing for Businesses Diploma Course and get to grips with all aspects of effective online writing.

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