Revamp your business through effective blogging

Blogging is fast becoming an effective way for businesses to connect with their clientele and to grow their customer base. Through blogs, you are able to give your clients insights into the specialism that defines your business, they help your clients get to know the personality of your brand better, and blogs give them a little teaser of what you have to offer.

We have five top tips to make blogging work for your business.

1. Create useful content: your customer needs you – maybe more than they yet realise. They are Googling for the answer to a burning question that your business solves. Give them helpful, knowledgeable information which also points them to your services and the other ways you can help them.

2. Keep it short: content that looks long on a screen – even on a phone screen – is off-putting. Between 200-400 words is a good guideline, as most people find it easy to scan this amount quickly.

3. Start with a hook: a bold, eye-catching first line is likely to keep readers reading to the end. Give readers a taste of what is to come in the opening lines to keep them engaged.

4. Finish with a flourish: A call to arms – to subscribe, join a mailing, or click ‘here’ for more info – is a great way to conclude. Sometimes, simply stopping when you have said your piece is just as effective. Summarise your main points in a pithy one-liner for the really time-poor.

5. Write often: keep up the frequency of your blogs. Write once a week, fortnight or month, but keep it coming and keep it coming regularly. The more often you update your blog, the more it will climb in the search engine stakes.

If you want to find out more about blogging, or just brush on your writing skills, why not download our Freelance Writing for Business Diploma?

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