Six steps to successful self-publishing

Electronic books are now a convenient and comfortable way to read on dedicated devices, tablets and smartphones, and are far less time-consuming to create than the traditional print format. With today’s technology, it’s never been easier for people to pen a book and publish it themselves.

While the rewards can be more substantial than releasing through a publisher, there are still many new skills to learn before you can successfully release your eBook. The following steps are a road map for writers wondering where to start:

1. Write your manuscript

Choose what kind of book you want to write and get started – whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, your first task is to complete your creation.

2. Keep editing

The editing process comes next, ensuring your writing is clear for your readership to understand and enjoy.

3. Create a cover

Appearances are important, and just like in an ordinary bookshop, you’ll want your cover to pop next to its competitors.

4. Self-publish your eBook

With your content complete, you can publish your eBook.

5. Master the online marketplace

There are many different sites online that specialise in selling eBooks. Research your options and select the one that’s right for you.

6. Market your masterpiece

Finally, whether you use social media, blogs or a dedicated website, you’ll need to raise the profile of your work and encourage sales if you want it to become a bestseller.

If you’re seeking to develop your skills to release your own works or wish to help others with expert assistance, our How to Self-Publish an eBook diploma course will ensure you’re fully qualified and prepared for success.

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