Three reasons to treat your dog on Go Cook For Your Pets Day

Dogs rarely complain about whatever we give them from a tin, but even if it’s just for one day a year, why not make the extra effort and treat them to a specially prepared meal?

Today is Go Cook For Your Pets Day, and your dog is sure to appreciate the break from commercial dog food (which, especially at the budget end, is often not an ideal canine diet) and the move towards a home-cooked dinner.

But when dog food is easily available from supermarkets and corner shops, why bother cooking for pets? Here are three reasons you should:

1. You know what’s in it

Creating dog food from scratch gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what its ingredients are. Yes, tinned dog food will list the ingredients on the label, but you might still be puzzled – for example, do you know what ‘pentahydrate’ is, and are you happy for ‘derivatives of vegetable origin’ to be a main ingredient?

2. It prevents wasting food

Often, dogs will enjoy eating those cuts of meat, fish and vegetables that otherwise end up in the bin. notes that broccoli stems and cooked salmon skins are nutritious and tasty to dogs.

3. It helps you bond

Anything you do that involves investing more time in your pet can only strengthen your relationship, as you learn more about your dog’s diet and he/she gets the benefit of food prepared with care and love.

If you’re interested in finding out how to make your own dog food, as well as how the canine diet affects dogs’ health and wellbeing, our Canine Nutrition Diploma Course provides the perfect introduction to a full understanding of what dogs should eat, and why.

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