5 reasons why eBooks should be an essential part of your marketing strategy

Are you looking for new ways to supercharge your marketing strategy or to reach a particular target audience with well researched in depth information? An eBook and the opportunity to self-publish might just be the perfect solution.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider eBooks a necessity and an essential component in your marketing plan.

1. Convenience for readers

eBooks are paperless books that can be accessed on tablets and handheld devices. This means they require minimal physical storage space. Furthermore, it makes it easier for people to read your publications while on the go.

2. Easy to share on social media

eBooks lend themselves nicely to online circulation as they already exist electronically and can be easily shared with others at the click of a button, giving your message or business greater publicity.

3. Low production costs

eBooks enable you to save on printing and publishing costs, which means you are more likely to enjoy a higher return on your investment in marketing an eBook.

4. Greater control over your content

Self-publishing frees you from the restrictions of working with traditional publishers which means you have more say over the content you wish to communicate.

5. Easy to update

Updating eBooks with new developments in your field or other useful information is much easier than with traditional texts.

Find out the many other benefits to be achieved from eBooks and the practical steps to self-publishing from our How to self-publish an eBook diploma course.

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