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Could Artificial Intelligence and robots render writers obsolete?

The idea that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots could render humans redundant was, once upon a time, more suited to a sci-fi movie than reality. We only now need to look at the transportation industry, with the gradual introduction of driverless cars and trains, and advances in other sectors to suggest that AI and robots are the future.

There are also reports that millions of UK workers risk being replaced by robots over the next couple of years. So what could this mean for writers?

Here at the Online Learning Academy, we feel that tech and robots would really struggle to replace quality writers who are able to offer clients a well-rounded service rather than just generic content. We think that ultimately, it could be really challenging for AI and robots to:

  • Show the same or better levels of cognitive abilities as humans, which means they may struggle to express opinion, analyse and critique as well as humans might. This is a key skill for a good writer.
  • Empathise with human experiences and write with emotion as a human would on sensitive topics like ill health, debt, divorce and separation. Another key skill for a good writer.
  • Show the same social skills as humans, which good writers need to form relationships with clients and editors and to network with other writers.

We offer a number of courses specially designed to assist you become a valuable and irreplaceable writer. Our Freelance writing for businesses diploma course covers the many ways you can add value. You can also discover how you could exercise more control over your writing in our How to self-publish an eBook course.

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