Four things dogs can do that humans can’t

Dog owners know that their pets are fantastic, but as humans, we often forget that even though we are the most developed of all creatures, there are plenty of things we can’t do as well as other animals.

Here are just four areas where dogs leave us completely barking up the wrong tree:

1. See ultraviolet light

Dogs’ vision makes them excellent hunters, and it means they even see household items in a different way to their human owners.

Innocuous details like spots on bananas or hairs in a carpet glow in the dark for canines, as do urine marks – something to consider if you’ve not always got a good aim at the toilet!

Their UV vision is so advance, it has even been referred to as a ‘sixth sense’ by some dog experts.

2. Hear up to 46kHz

It’s widely known that dogs can detect higher-pitched sounds than we can, but not everyone realizes how impressive the canine hearing range is. Even something as subtle as rubbing your thumb and forefinger together creates a high-pitched ultrasonic noise likely to prick the ears of dogs.

3. Detect cancer by scent

The canine sense of smell is another attribute that’s way ahead of what humans can manage, and it can even save lives.

In a 2011 study, a Labrador retriever successfully sniffed out colorectal cancer in 98% of stool samples and 95% of breath samples.

4. Stand the heat

At 38°C, a dog’s body normal temperature is a full degree higher than that of a human. This is due to their warm blood and faster metabolism, but it means they have more heat to contend with on hot summer days, making their endless energy all the more impressive.

By understanding our dogs, including what they can do for themselves and what they need help with, we can become better owners and ensure humans and canines enjoy a better life together. For more tips on how best to care for your dog, why not take advantage of the discounted fees available for our Canine Behaviour Training and Canine Nutrition diploma courses?

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