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One of the easiest ways you can add content and generate discussion on your business Facebook page is by sharing content from other pages and websites. Obviously, it’s better to generate your own content, whether that be writing articles, how-to guides or creating your funny memes, but not everyone has the time for that. If you’re one of those people who are just too busy to create your own content, or if you’d just like to supplement your existing content with some quick wins, then sharing content from others is definitely worth doing.

Of course, it’s not that obvious how you do it. I’ve spoken with a few people recently who didn’t realise you can actually share content via the Facebook App to your Facebook page. Now, when I say the Facebook App, I don’t mean the cumbersome ‘Pages Manager’ App. No, I mean the standard Facebook App.

So, here’s how you share content from another page to your Facebook page using the Facebook App (and not share it to your own timeline by mistake, as often happens).

First off, find a post by a Facebook you’d like to share. We’re going to share a post by a Facebook page called ‘LinkedIn Learning’. This page shares posts from LinkedIn that teach you different skills. It’s a great page to follow.


The post we’re going to share offers tips on using Microsoft Excel.


To share the post, simply tap the ‘Share’ button in the bottom right. However, don’t click the ‘Share Now’ option. Instead, click the ‘Write Post’ option.


This will bring up the ‘New Post’ dialogue in Facebook, where your post will be written as yourself – not as your page. This is the default option and we need to change this.


Tap the option at the top that reads ‘Your Timeline – Tap to Change’. This will bring up a list of pages you manage, and groups you’re part of. You can select any of the groups in which to share the post, or you can select any of the Facebook pages to use. We will select ‘Online Learning Academy’.


This changes the ‘New Post’ dialogue to use your page, instead of your own profile. You can now write some text with the post, or leave it blank – it’s up to you.


Once you click ‘Post’, the post will be added to your page, rather than to your profile, as such.


Where Facebook has recently changed, however, is how you can now interact with that post. Until recently any attempt to like or comment on the post would have been done via your page, rather than via your profile. This often led to posts by pages being liked by the same page, rather than by any members of staff who have access to the page. A recent change to the Facebook App, however, means that you can now select to interact with the post on your page ‘as your page’ or ‘as yourself’.

Underneath the post, you will see a small logo of your page’s profile picture, and an arrow next to it. Clicking the arrow will allow you to switch between your page and your profile, and other pages you manage, so you can post a comment or like the post as yourself, your page or any other page. This functionality was previously limited to the web browser, and is a long overdue addition to the App.


There’s now no excuse not to share content with your Facebook page – even if you’re too busy to generate any content yourself!

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