How to trace a fake Facebook profile

How to trace a fake Facebook profile

A few years ago, I was asked to find out the identity of someone who had created a fake Facebook profile. The fake profile was pretending to be someone else and was sending offensive messages to that person’s friends. Nobody knew who had created it, or why, and it was posting some very hurtful comments. It was a case of cyber bullying, something that is becoming increasingly widespread due to the popularity of social media.

The process I used to trace the fake Facebook profile was extremely complicated, very interesting and required some advanced technical knowhow that many people wouldn’t have been able to replicate. As a result, I decided to write an article about the process for Engage Web, thinking others would also be interested. Since then the article has generated tens of thousands of views and countless emails and phone calls from people wanting to know exactly how to do it. People have contacted us from the UK, USA and all over the world – all with very similar problems.


Sadly, I was unable to help everyone as much as I’d have liked to, because the process of tracing a fake account is very time-consuming, every case is different and varying techniques are required.

Even so, the need to be able to trace a fake Facebook account is clearly there and, with so many people wanting to know how to do it, I felt the time was right to document everything, pull together every trick and resource, and write an eBook on exactly how you do it.

I created the eBook ‘How to trace a Fake Facebook Account’, and that explains, in great detail, how you go about tracking down the identity of someone who has created a fake profile. It shows you how to lay a trap to capture the IP address of the person who created the profile, how to bait the trap, and what to do with the data once you get it.

The eBook features real examples from people who have had problems with fake profiles themselves, and talks you through the processes I used to trace the creator of a fake profile. There are many different tricks you can do, and this eBook explains all of them.

The eBook costs £79 but, as a reader of our blog, we can offer you the eBook for just £19 when you enter discount code FAKEFB – just enter the code FAKEFB in the checkout to receive £50 off the full price.

If you’ve been the victim of cyber bullying on Facebook and you want to find out who is behind a fake profile, this eBook is for you. You don’t need any technical knowledge, as it also features websites you can use to capture IP addresses and find out more information about them.

Expose the cyber bullies!

How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account

Do you need to trace the identity of a fake Facebook account? Has a profile been set up to bully either yourself, or someone you care about? Would you like […]

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    I want learn

  • Nthabiseng


    Can you please check these two names on Facebook Hugo Smith and Floers M Smith because Hugo said this Flores is the person who catfished his photos online and used them in his profile and that makes him to be a scammer.

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