How to turn Facebook post likes into Facebook page likes

How to turn Facebook post likes into Facebook page likes

Increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page is something most business owners try to do. It expands the audience on Facebook so more people will see your posts, and it makes you look more credible as a business. A page with a large Facebook following will be able to share its updates, generate engagement and, ultimately, do more business online.

Sadly, Facebook has made it very difficult for pages to grow organically. Where, once, you could post on a Facebook page and have most people who had already liked the page see it, and then have their friends see it when they interact, the organic growth of a page is now very limited and it’s practically impossible to grow a page from scratch without using Facebook’s sponsored post system.

Facebook wants your money, obviously.

Even when you do pay for sponsored posts by promoting your content, you’ll find that people don’t always like your page, they’ll like your post, or comment on your post, or share your post. These are all great forms of interaction, but it doesn’t increase your page likes and it doesn’t help you reach these people in future.

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So, how do you convert likes on a post, image or video into likes of the actual page? Luckily, there’s a neat trick for this. It does require you have some posts with a lot of likes in the first place so, for the purposes of this article, we’re assuming you have this. It’s not too hard to get, you just need to create (or borrow) the right sort of content to share on your Facebook page. You know, the sort that gets a lot of likes. Once you have that, converting the likes into page likes is a simple step.

You can do this via the desktop version of Facebook, or via the App.

  1. Visit your page
  2. Scroll down to any post, image or video that has a large number of likes (large is relative – if your content regularly gets hundreds of likes then look for one with thousands, if your content usually only gets one or two, look for one with seven or eight)
  3. Click on the link that says how many people like your content. It should say something like ‘name one, name two and x others like this’
  4. A pop-up box will open, showing the names and profile photos of everyone who has liked the content. If that person has not already liked your page, on the right should be a button that says ‘invite’. Click it. If they have already liked the page, it will say ‘Liked’ and it will be greyed out. If they have already been invited, it will say ‘invited’ and it will also be greyed out.

Here’s what it looks like on an iPhone


It’s as easy as that.

You can do this for everyone who has liked your content, for every post. You don’t have to be friends with the people you invite; they just need to have liked your content at some stage.

Each person will now receive an invite to like your Facebook page. Of course, there’s no guarantee they will like it, but a large portion will as people on Facebook do tend to like what they’re told to like, particularly the ‘like-happy’ people who have already liked your content in the first place. They’re also already aware of your brand as they’ve already liked your content, so the chances of them liking your Facebook page are higher than asking someone who doesn’t know you through a Facebook ad.

This trick really does work. So well, in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook either removes it or starts charging for it before long, so take advantage of it while you can and increase the number of likes on your Facebook page.

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