How to have a dog-friendly Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday is next week, and you may have given some thought to your own favourite pancake toppings on March 5th, but what about your four-legged friend? Are pancakes suitable for her? And if so, how can you best involve her in this fun annual event?

Pancakes for your pooch

Doggies love treats, and pancakes are no exception. There is no reason why you cannot make her one or two pancakes to enjoy with you. For the batter, you will need the simple ingredients that you might expect in a pancake recipe. Mix 50g of plain flour with 1 egg and 100ml of tap water (not milk). Blend the ingredients into a batter and cook in the frying pan in the usual fashion. Impress your dog with your pancake tossing skills!

Toppings fit for a canine

After leaving your dog’s pancake to cool for a few minutes, it’s now time for the fun part. You can use your pet’s favourite dog food as a topping if you like. Otherwise, dogs might enjoy peanut butter, or fruits including apples, carrots and bananas. For the more adventurous, why not try a little bit of Marmite?

Avoid chocolate-based toppings or anything too high in sugar. Pancakes are also only recommended for animals aged over six months, and you must make sure that as treats, they appear as part of a balanced diet for your animal. If you want to find out more about nutrition for dogs, including how to prepare special treats for your pet, download our Canine Nutrition Diploma Course now.

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