Three ways to get you and your dog in shape for summer

This year has seen a huge increase in dog ownership levels in the UK, and that’s perhaps not surprising under lockdown conditions.

Studies from the USA and UK have shown that dogs are great lifelong companions. Their companionship reduces feelings of loneliness, increases opportunities for socialising with others, and reduces blood pressure. The physical benefits of having a four-legged friend are obvious too – those daily walks are great opportunities for everyone to burn calories, raise the heart rate and commune with nature.

If you want to mix it up, why not try some of these fun exercises with your pooch?

1. Doggy dancing

Turn up the tunes, throw on your glad rags and choreograph a fun routine of jumps, skips, and rolling around with your pooch to get the heart pumping. Dancing tones your muscles and is great for your balance and flexibility, which helps prevent injuries.

2. Ultimate Frisbee

Find a local Disc Dog team or create your own. Frisbee is the ultimate high-impact sport – it’s great for your hand-eye coordination (and that of your dog) and the cardio is a great fat burner.

3. Swimming

For a low-impact but effective fitness activity, swimming is a fabulous choice. Dogs love to play in the water. For older pooches, swimming is great for building strength in the joints without putting pressure on them. For humans, the restorative and aerobic benefits of playing around in water are well known.

Getting is shape with your dog by your side is great for bonding and for the well-being of the pair of you. If you want to know more about how to look after your doggy’s health, why not download our Canine Behaviour Training Course Diploma?

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