Twenty tweetable twitter tips


At Online Learning Academy, we love to use Twitter as often as we can. It’s a valuable part of our marketing and we feel every business should be making the most of Twitter. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of twenty tweetable Twitter tips to help you get more from the microblogging site.

Which is your favourite?

Timing is everything

Use your phone to tweet on the go – Twitter is instant, not a scheduled task Click To Tweet Be spontaneous. Red tape and procrastination are the enemies of successful social media Click To Tweet Time your activity for the best chance of engagement. Tools like Tweriod help you to do that Click To Tweet

Remember the rules!

Don’t steal tweets – always be original Click To Tweet Twitter is bound by the laws of libel, be careful what you tweet! Click To Tweet Tweeting spoilers to films and TV shows is seriously uncool Click To Tweet Don’t post the same tweet over and over again. Would you follow someone who does that? Click To Tweet Never use automation, particularly in DMs. You’re not a robot Click To Tweet

Remember your content

Keep your tweets under 100 characters - people have short attention spans Click To Tweet Don’t be self-promotional! Nobody likes a show off Click To Tweet Tweet images, links and video to enrich your tweets Click To Tweet Add a credit card so you can upload videos longer than 30 seconds Click To Tweet

Tweet smarter

Participate in trending hashtags to get yourself noticed Click To Tweet Keep it relevant at all times and remember your followers Click To Tweet Learn to spot the bots when they follow you and don’t waste time engaging with them Click To Tweet Use Twitter Cards on your website to make your content more tweetable Click To Tweet

Be sociable

Always respond to people who tweet at you Click To Tweet Tweet questions to your followers – it encourages responses Click To Tweet Use Twitter Analytics to see which tweets have been the most effective Click To Tweet Engage with people. Twitter is about interaction, not preaching Click To Tweet

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