What is the Paleo diet philosophy?

The basic idea of the Paleo diet isn’t hard to grasp. Those adopting the regimen believe it is better for people to eat the way they once did prior to the Agricultural Revolution. According to the philosophy, eating the sort of unprocessed food a hunter-gatherer would have consumed is the best solution.

A meat-centric diet?

The Paleo diet places a strong emphasis on eating both seasonally and locally while cooking up ingredients yourself rather than buying store-bought ready meals.

Nicknamed the “Caveman Diet” by popular culture, it is often erroneously associated with meat-orientated dining. Contrary to this common belief, plants play a crucial role and the diet includes a wide range of vegetables – mainly red, green, yellow, and orange ones that contain low to no starch. While some fruit is allowed, it must be eaten in moderation due to its high sugar content.

However, this is not to say that the Paleo Diet includes no meat and dairy like the dietary choice adopted by vegans. Protein-wise meat should be unprocessed though, and fish, seafood, eggs, seeds and nuts are also suitable sources.

What can you drink on the Paleo diet?

In terms of beverages those on the diet will drink mainly water along with tea and small quantities of alcohol and fruit juice are also permitted.

Potential health benefits

Those on the Paleo diet experience numerous benefits. These include the promotion of healthy blood glucose levels and enhanced insulin sensitivity. Effective weight management can be achieved, as well as well-balanced cholesterol.

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