All clear on the TweetDeck!

You probably know that Twitter is an important social network used by businesses around the world to promote their brands. As a result, you may have already started using Twitter for your own business, or at least started to think about doing so.

In 2009, Twitter launched TweetDeck: a media dashboard which allows businesses to follow multiple timelines on one interface, and of course to speak to multiple other accounts from one place.

With TweetDeck, you can interact easily with your customers or with organisations that might be interested in your product or service. TweetDeck’s shortened URLs mean that you can easily link to your products whilst still leaving enough room for useful information.

TweetDeck also enables you to schedule your tweets easily. Scheduled tweets throughout the day enable you to gain longer-lasting visibility, which gives you more time to get on with responding to customers, retweeting, and interacting with other users. Scheduled tweets also help you to avoid bombarding your audience with information that they might find annoying. If you are using several profiles on TweetDeck – or following several conversations – scheduling tweets at different times also enables you to stay on the right side of Twitter’s no-spam policy.

TweetDeck is a helpful tool to get to grips with if you want to raise your brand’s profile in the Twittersphere, but it is only one of many functionalities of Twitter which can help you to improve your online profile.

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