Preparing paleo stews for those cold autumnal nights

With summer officially over, and the thermostat officially at the ‘on’ position, you may be looking forward to hunkering down in your cosy home. What better to have simmering in your kitchen as the nights start to draw in but a scrummy slow-cooked stew?

You may be surprised to learn that despite their stodgy and carbohydrate-rich reputation, winter stews are in fact perfect for your paleo lifestyle.

Paleo, as we know, is a style of eating that privileges unrefined food like meat, vegetables, seeds and grains, and which avoids processed foods, refined sugars, wheat, dairy, and such legumes as lentils, quinoa, and soya.

Paleo aficionados have taken inspiration from cuisines from around the world to devise the perfect paleo-friendly stew recipes.

Why not try slow-cooking some lamb in coconut milk with chili, garlic, ginger and garam masala for a hearty, warming paleo feast? Complete the stew by adding tomatoes and carrots. By using Indian ghee and coconut milk, you keep the dish dairy-free (or more accurately lactose-free as ghee is a form of butterfat) without sacrificing the creamy texture.

Alternatively, for something a little less fiery, slow-cooked beef in beer with root vegetables makes for a scrumptious Irish stew. Eschew the soda bread and use arrowroot, as opposed to flour, as a paleo-compatible thickener.

Vegetarians might prefer to try a root-vegetable based French ratatouille-style dish served with potatoes or cauliflower rice. Stew roasted butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, and turnips with tomatoes, leafy greens and oregano for a nourishing winter warmer.

If you want more ideas about how to eat well and paleo in winter, why not download our Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course?

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