Three Halloween treats that won’t blow your paleo diet

At this time of year, sugary sweets and highly processed foods abound as people all over the country prepare to celebrate Halloween and indulge in the candies and party food that typify the festival.

Sweet treats don’t have to be out of bounds to paleo followers this time of year, even if it can be tricky to find Halloween goodies that fit the bill and sate a sweet tooth. Follow our favourite three tips to turn those tricks into tasty treats:

1. Chocolate apple ‘cake’ pops

Yes, you heard us! It is possible to create a paleo version of the cake pop. Using cake pop sticks and cored and sliced apples, dip apples into coconut butter or dark chocolate, top with chopped nuts and leave this sweet snack to harden in your fridge before devouring.

2. Pumpkin choc chip cookies

These seasonal yummies bring together organic pumpkin puree, almond butter, and dark chocolate drops to create sticky, satisfying cookie dough that is fresh from the oven in just 10 minutes.

3. Candy corn gummies

Here’s an ambitious attempt to recreate those spooky sweets using turmeric, carrot juice, and coconut milk and gelatine to create orange, yellow and white coloured gummies. Layer these in a bread tin and then slice then into triangles once the jelly is set.

Creating fun and tasty Halloween sweets enables you to take part in the celebrations while also keeping your dietary regime on track. For more ideas about how to make the paleo diet work for you all year round, why not download our Paleo Nutritionist Diploma Course?

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