Three mindfulness tips for the new academic year

If you’re a student, you’ve probably already started your new academic year by now. New starts represent new opportunities to make new friends and engage with new material, but this can also be an anxious time as it reflects a change in any student’s learning journey. The material will be more challenging and there will be new obstacles to confront.

Mindfulness techniques are proven to help deal with anxiety, stress and feelings of self-doubt. If you are embarking on a new academic adventure, try these three tips to make the transition go more smoothly.

1. Grounding

The practice of grounding involves getting outside – preferably barefoot – and really paying attention to the feeling of the ground beneath your feet. Feel the sensation of the air on your face. Pay attention to the sounds you hear. All of this attention helps you to be more present, and to develop a strong capacity to focus.

2. Breath

A well-known aspect of mindfulness practice is breathwork. Deep breaths can be calming, can help you to focus, and can increase feelings of wellbeing. Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, and feel the air through your whole body.

3. Attention

Paying attention to your body and how you feel is also a fantastic mindfulness technique to help you stay calm and focused. Notice how you sit or stand. Where is there tension in the body? Where does it feel good? Notice these feelings and move on to the next part of the body. Paying attention in this way helps to build feelings of self-worth.

If you want to discover more tips to develop a mindful practice ahead of an academic adventure, why not download our free Enhancing Your Studies With Mindfulness course?

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